The solution

How is the ​solution original and new ?

The price given to every kilo of plastic brought at the plants is several times better than market price, in a view to reach a psychological point from which plastic is no longer a problem but a coveted material. This is the point from which not only nobody else rejects the plastic but everybody or a big part of the population seeks to find it. The project makes that collecting wastes is a source of profit, and even can compensate the loss of another job.

What is that point in Malaysia? 1RM per kilo. At 1RM per kilo, an average collecting of 5-6 hours a day comes to around 4.000RM a month, which is over the average national salary. At 1RM per kilo, nobody will throw its caps of bottle, its slippers, or if he does so, someone will recover for him. In fact, plastic will be sought everywhere, on earth or in the sea. It can become a massive source of revenues for fishermen as well as homeless people, or for people for simply want to make some money easily, because there is nothing to invest, no stock to buy, just pick up in nature or streets. And the source of supply is huge… Beachs invaded all nights by plastics coming from the sea off, streets, villages, forests, islands, no place is safe.

By this way, every people will be able to clean his country himself, without any law nor any constraint. For the first time, it is environment by massive participation.

This will impact environment, health, education, economy, tourism and international image given by your country. It's unprecedented.

From this point, as soon as everyone knows from a very natural mouth-to-ear communication, citizens will no longer be tempted to throw away their wastes, they will on contrary keep them, collect all what they can find and bring them to the recycling plant, simply because they will be able to make money. We will allow them to increase their monthly incomes in a very easy way: plastic that you find everywhere is free.

Parents will soon explain to their children that plastic is no more a negligible garbage and must be kept. It will change minds.

From there, we see that money can motivate and even help to educate.

Towns will be delighted to find a solution to this never-ending problem. Industries too, because they don’t know what to do with plastic, especially since China closed its door to it.

Even fishermen will be happy to see plastics coming free to them in their village !