The problem until now

By a manner or another, until now, recycling was profitable but not effective, or effective and not profitable.

It's time to make a profit ​in order to reproduce this model everywhere​

And you only can reproduce it and open all doors by... cleaning all. Not only collected garbage. But all. All that you can see around garbage ​containers or along paths.

And this, nobody does it.

It is true that a lot of organization make a wonderful job.

“Plastic Bank” for example is one of the other solutions in that field, famous around the world, supported by Prince Charles, IBM, famous other brands.... Plastic Bank asks money to consumers and companies, and use it to collect and make “social plastic”. It's about “shifting” your environmental footprint.

Unfortunately, that it is acting after the problem.

First, this does not stop the majority of people throwing waste. Second, the activity remains at a low scale for a very simple reason: PB doesn’t pay every kilo of plastic enough, so, apart from a small number of people, few feel concerned. He cannot pay better because PB transforms plastic into… plastic. Because of this non profitable model, he asks to donators to pay at minimum 44US$ for collecting and recycling, and the job is done by poor people. And it mainly concerns oceans. It can be said, at least, that consumer “pay their guilt” and poor people “benefit from consumer’s guilt”. Not bad initiative, but the main part is missing.

Collecting boats exist, their inventors receive millions for their technological find. But a boat collects more or less 250kg per day, where hundreds of tons go to the sea everyday; boats pollute to collect and most of all, does not stop people throwing plastic away at all.

Chemicals sometimes work, on a few kind of plastics. But chemicals don’t stop people throwing away and don’t work enough against all plastics.

Law against plastic bags: the worst solution. You don’t involve people with laws. A law must be respected and it needs cost. A law does is not adaptable. This law only targets plastic bags, a small part of the problem.