The global problem

​“300 million metric tons of plastic are produced each year and almost 10% end up in the ocean.” (source: ONU)

21st Century is the theatre of one of the biggest disaster of the modern History: plastic waste is invading the planet, and threatening our future. We’ve all heard about the “7th continent”: this gigantic continent floating on the oceans, made only from plastic waste, and killing ocean’s flora and animal life. In 2017, major studies report that 99% of the birds have plastic in their stomach. Meanwhile, Malaysian studies show that you can also find plastic in everyday table salt.

RNGE has been created in this first very specific purpose: clean the world from garbage plastic.

We have decided to start in Malaysia. The experiment works perfectly.

Every island, every town, every State is in an urgent need.

For instance, with more or less 10 to 25 tons of plastic wasted every day, thrown on the ground, in the jungle, in the rivers and sea, or stored on the landfill, Langkawi island (Andaman Sea, show-case of the Malaysian tourism) has a major environmental problem.

This not only a problem for Malaysia, but it is a as well as for neighbouring Thailand, for Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, India etc.

In that way, the whole project has been imagined to be easily cloned and exported to other location in the most efficient way.