Technical explanation

Our plants, where all the collected plastic will be stocked, will then process to recycle and turn it into “green diesel”, then sold to our partners and use these benefits to buy more plastic.

From 1 kg of clean plastic, we are now able to get 0.8 l of Green Diesel, thanks to a Malaysian technology, which allows us to get profits from this cycle, if a part of the production is sold abroad. From this profit, we will then be able to buy more and more plastic, increase our productivity and sell even more oil every month. When the first machines reaches its maximal capacity, it is not complicated to put another same machines: there is no limitation.

Starting from this principle, we can recycle all materials.

​Let's see what could be a final good ​diagram: (this is not a ​plan)

​A good diagram anticipates on future needs, going up to 100% ​separating process

Our model is designed to make sure that next plants can be built following specific pattern, in the best conditions, in any country of Asia.

Thanks to this model, we are achieving our first 2 goals at the same time: teaching people a nature-respectful life (thanks to the lure of easy gains) and cleaning the country. This is a major change for asian lifestyle.